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Hertfordshire Crucial Crew is dedicated to helping Year 6 children (10-11 year olds) keep themselves safe. More than 10,000 children take part in Crucial Crew programmes every year, learning about personal and general safety in an engaging, interactive and thought-provoking way.

Since 1989, our volunteers and sponsors have worked with over 250,000 youngsters helping them to appreciate, and prepare themselves for, possible hazards or challenging circumstances.

We aim to enlighten all participants, encouraging model behaviour and good citizenship through active involvement in a range of life scenarios. Our scenarios bring them face to face with situations that they may encounter, covering topics such as first aid, rail safety, drugs and many more.

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“My son returned from a Crucial Crew session with a wealth of information about how we should be making our home safer and a real understanding of the everyday perils he would normally have given no credence too, thank you!”

Our Programmes

By taking part in our programmes children will be given the opportunity to consider risks to personal safety and the potential dangers around our roads, railway network and homes. They will also gain an understanding of First Aid, Stranger Danger and safe medicines, enabling them to make informed decisions around these potential situations through role play.

Further scenarios include:

  • Building Site Safety
  • Child Exploitation Online Prevention (CEOP)
  • Power Networks


Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue

We are very grateful to Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue, a founder member of Crucial Crew, for their continued involvement. The hope is that the new Crucial Crew Safety Centre will be built at the JESIP Academy, the location of Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue’s training ground.

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