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This project aims to turn around children in difficulty within their own families and in school. These include those excluded from School for behavioural issues, children within dysfunctional families and those struggling in the education system. It will also include child carers of sick parents and will be available to youngsters between the age of 12 and 19 years, resident within Stevenage and the surrounding villages.

This project is unique - and we believe, original in concept. The aim is to give young people an opportunity to develop a skill, in hobby form, which may develop into a lifelong passion and interest - with the additional benefit of gaining a qualification en-route. Apprenticeships are also being incorporated into the initiative.

The plan would be to place people in pairs where they could initially build a small sailing dingy. With that task completed, the next stage would be for them to learn to sail their boat, and then on to competing with each other in competitions. Suitably qualified teachers and trained professionals would oversee and supervise each stage of the project.

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