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Crucial Crew is an innovative and interactive way of delivering personal and safety education messages to Year 6 children (10/11 year olds), and seeks to encourage model behaviour and good citizenship through active participation in a range of scenarios including:

  • First Aid, Rail safety, Drugs, Crime issues,Vandalism, Shoplifting, Building Site safety, Fire, Personal safety, Electrical safety, Road safety, Environmental issues, a scenario on Safe/Dangerous Medicines, Water safety, Health issues, and Bus safety.

The delivery of these all important safety messages are made annually at one of six local centres within Hertfordshire, each running for just a two or three week period - for Yr. 6 children only and are staffed by the statutory organisations, voluntary services, and some very dedicated individuals.

How did it all start?



Crime Concern conceived the whole concept of "safety education" being delivered outside the classroom back in 1991 and was a Police led initiative in South London. Joe Lynch was a Crime Prevention Officer based at Shooters Hill near Greenwich, and the first scheme introduced was called The Junior Citizen Award Scheme'.

From this simple start, a whole mass of Crucial Crew schemes have developed and cover most towns and cities across the UK. A recent survey showed that there were in excess of 300 schemes. All of these operate on a temporary basis - they appear for one, two, or three weeks per year, and then again the following year.

Currently, there are about five permanent sites in the country but none in Hertfordshire. An Accreditation Scheme has now been developed in conjunction with RoSPA/LASER Forum for permanent sites - and this will soon apply to annual schemes.

The Hertfordshire local schemes

Four schemes have been operating in Hertfordshire for about fifteen years - North Herts, based in Hitchin, Stevenage and the surrounding villages, Hertford and Ware, Cheshunt, and more recently, Welwyn/Hatfield. A scheme in Bishops Stortford started in 2006.

The local scheme in Stevenage covers thirty-two schools - some 1,600 children - and includes visits by Special Needs children.

Each scheme faces the same problems every year - finding a suitable premise, obtaining funding, and providing sufficient manpower to be able to run the scheme.

Who is involved?

All the statutory organisations - Police, Fire, local authorities, as well as voluntary organisations, some very dedicated individuals, and local companies.


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