A Crucial Crew Scenario day

Note: since this video was made GlaxoWellcome are now GlaxoSmithKline

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Acknowledgements and Thanks – Crucial Crew 2009

Hena Gohil, whilst on Work Experience from Thos. Alleyne School, for assisting with IT work and the preparation of materials.

Thank you also to Victoria Phillips, Health Promotion Officer at Stevenage Borough Council, who helped to coordinate Stevenage Crucial Crew, and to her colleagues running the scenarios here in Stevenage, and those from other schemes around the County who have offered both their expertise, and assistance.

A ‘thank you’ to the Head Teacher of each school that takes part for allowing their students to receive some ‘crucial’ information – which will help them to make choices – and that may affect the rest of their lives.

Crucial Crew 2009 in Stevenage has been funded by:


John Lewis plc - Charity Committee

Stevenage Community Trust

HCC – Passenger Transport Unit

Without this generous support, Crucial Crew would not happen. We therefore owe those listed above a huge debt of gratitude and gratefully acknowledge their financial support.

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